These kits will be run from time to time in batches on no set schedule.
If the price has an active link to order, they are available and order it right away.
If not then catch them the next time around.

These kits are among our easiest with almost all details cast in and are perfect for the beginner to learn on or for a more experienced modeler to quickly populate a town.

They are designed to be assembled using just the basics:
a hobby knife, file or sandpaper, CA, and your choice of paint.

They allow a lot of room for adding aftermarket details to personalize each one.

Flagstop Station
Covered Platform
Shed / Garage
Brick Store #1
Rock Row  Stores #1
Rock Row  Stores #1
Shallow (Front & 2 side walls)
Rock Row  Stores #1
Complete (4 walls & Roof)