Modular Wall sections 
( each section except cornice is 5" wide x 3.75" tall ) and do NOT include doors or window inserts
Running Bond brick pattern,  click image for larger view
This section is a currently a placeholder and shows 2 different types of modular wall section.


On the left are ones that initially will NOT include door or window castings and are intended to represent abandoned buildings or for the scratchbuilder to make their own and fit into place.
They have a 1/8" margin on both sides (visible in the photo) which requires covering up either with one of our strips or otherwise. The choice is left to the modeler.

On the right are walls that are designed and include Tichy doors and windows
intended to represent buildings currently in use. The walls abut each other with
no margin but may require a bit of sanding to get the fit where you want it.
I suggest that you plan to put downspouts, conduit, or other details to disguise the joints.
They allow room for adding aftermarket details to personalize each one and can be assembled as a FLAT, a SHALLOW (3d Background structure),
or use all sides and add your own roofing for a freestanding structure.

If the link to order them is NOT active then they are not available.
Prices do not include shipping.

They are designed to be assembled using just the basics:
a hobby knife, file or sandpaper, CA, and your choice of paint.

Modular Wall sections 
( each section except cornice is approx. 6" wide x 4 1/2" tall ) and include Tichy doors / window inserts as appropriate.
Running Bond brick pattern,  click images for larger view