Scratch bag #1

Includes 4 walls only, No doors or windows are included.
Each of these packs contain a group of walls that a modedler can use in a variety of ways.

They include ONLY the walls.

They DO NOT INCLUDE any doors, windows, glazing, or any other details
and are intended for intermediate to advanced modelers.

The modeler should know how to fit doors, windows, and details of their choice to these.

Prices do not include shipping.

They are designed to be assembled using just the basics:
a hobby knife, file or sandpaper, CA, and your choice of paint.

Modular Wall sections 
( each section except cornice is 5" wide x 3.75" tall )
and do NOT include door or window castings nor glazing,
that being left up to the individual modeler.

They have a 1/8" margin on both sides which requires covering up either
with one of our strips or otherwise or to be removed. The choice is left to the modeler.

These will get individual designations when they are ready to be sold